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This blog may contain (or link to) sexually explicit content. If you are not an adult of at least 18 years of age or older or if you object to viewing sexually explicit material, please leave now.
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KANSAI Enkou Wiki

Most of the model girls in KANSAI are amateur teens. The earlier series of KANSAI were taken by 3 cameramans who themselves took part in as actors. As same as the other series of Enkou vids, the Kansai series has the most plenty of titles and are well known and famous as the king of the teens uncensored vids. The same directors group produced the other series named "JOUDAMA", splendid, though the series title did not necessarily originated that only cute girls are carefully selected.

KANSAI series had surprisingly more than 100 volumes and got high reputation by tons of manias because of the senario. Featuring an interview to the girl, and doing extreamly Hentai actions.

"05 Hitomi", "30 Mika", "36 Rina", "51 Maki", "71 Hiromi" and "80 Mariko final" are recomended.
Uncensored, High Quality and Full Length videos of "KANSAI" series is only available in Japanese paid site Enkou55 (援助交際めちゃはめムービー). Unfortunately the site was restricted to access from outside of Japan. You can access to the site actually but the Series are set to be hidden, meaning if you access from outside of Japan, you never see the Main menu of Kansai, Hiroshima, Hokkaido, Shin Yokohama and so on. Moreover you can not sign up as a member.

KANSAI ENKOU Video List KANSAI ENKOU 01 Mami(まみ) X3yo
KANSAI ENKOU 02 Aya(あや)X6yo
KANSAI ENKOU 03 Ayumi(亜由美)X7yo
KANSAI ENKOU 04 Naomi(奈緒美)X6yo
KANSAI ENKOU 05 Hitomi(ひとみ)X6yo
KANSAI ENKOU 06 Yuuka(優香)JK, C-cup
KANSAI ENKOU 07 Mika(みか)JK X6yo
KANSAI ENKOU 08 Aya(あや)JK 18yo
KANSAI ENKOU 09 Rie(りえ)JK X7yo, 20 guys.
KANSAI ENKOU 10 Megumi(めぐみ)JK X7yo, Big boobs
KANSAI ENKOU 11 Sayaka(さやか)Freelance, X7yo, 5 guys.
KANSAI ENKOU 12 Naomi(奈緒美)Part2 Cum, Cum and Cum
KANSAI ENKOU 13 Emi(えみ)X7yo, B89 Big boobs
KANSAI ENKOU 14 Miyuki(みゆき)Housewife 34yo
KANSAI ENKOU 15 Sakura(さくら)JK X7yo, 4 guys, B93 Big boobs
KANSAI ENKOU 16 Yuka(ゆか)Non-Uniform, CJ X5yo 6 guys
KANSAI ENKOU 17 Yuka(ゆか)Uniform, enema play, pee
KANSAI ENKOU 18 Miho(みほ)JK X7yo, 3 guys, face shower
KANSAI ENKOU 19 Ayana(あやな)College 19yo, 10 guys
KANSAI ENKOU 20 Riko(りこ)Elder sister X4yo, younger sister Mami
KANSAI ENKOU 21 Miu(みう)JK X5yo, 4 guys, flat tits, slender
KANSAI ENKOU 22 Rika(由梨)CJ X4yo, 10 guys, uniform
KANSAI ENKOU 23 Rika(由梨)Part1 4 Cheese sticks, anal
KANSAI ENKOU 24 Mio(ミオ)JK 18yo, 4 guys, sausage
KANSAI ENKOU 25 Saki(早紀子)JK X7yo 95cm D-cup big boogs
KANSAI ENKOU 26 Miki(未稀)Freelance X7yo, 5 guys, pee, shave
KANSAI ENKOU 27 Yuko(優子)JK X7yo, 4 guys, loli, slender
KANSAI ENKOU 28 Mami(麻美)CJ X5yo, nice fellatio
KANSAI ENKOU 29 Rie(梨絵)CJ X3yo, 22 guys
KANSAI ENKOU 30 Mika(美佳)JK X7yo, 20 guys more, nice fella
KANSAI ENKOU 31 Nana(菜々)CJ X5yo 85cm D-cup
KANSAI ENKOU 32 Nana(菜々)Part2
KANSAI ENKOU 33 Nana(菜々)Part3
KANSAI ENKOU 34 Mariko(真理子)JK X6yo, virgin
KANSAI ENKOU 35 Nana(菜々)Part4
KANSAI ENKOU 37 Yuko(優子)Part2
KANSAI ENKOU 38 Yuuka(裕香)1Xyo
KANSAI ENKOU 39 Kaori(香織)CJ X5yo
KANSAI ENKOU 40 Chizuru(千鶴)CJ X4yo, virgin
KANSAI ENKOU 41 Chizuru(千鶴)anal
KANSAI ENKOU 42 Akiko(亜希子)JK X7yo
KANSAI ENKOU 43 Eri & Yuki(えり&ゆき)Former part, CJ X4yo
KANSAI ENKOU 44 Eri & Yuki(えり&ゆき)Later part, CJ X4yo
KANSAI ENKOU 45 Chiharu(千春)X5yo
KANSAI ENKOU 46 Koyuki(小雪)X5yo
KANSAI ENKOU 47 Yuki(ゆき)CJ X4yo
KANSAI ENKOU 48 Momoka(桃香)JK X7yo
KANSAI ENKOU 50 Momoka(桃香)JK X7yo
KANSAI ENKOU 51 Maki(まき)JK X6yo C-cup
KANSAI ENKOU 52 Rika(リカ)X3yo
KANSAI ENKOU 53 Maki(マキ)X4yo, virgin, 3P
KANSAI ENKOU 54 Rika(リカ)Part2, CJ X3yo
KANSAI ENKOU 55 Koyuki(小雪)Part2
KANSAI ENKOU 56 Chizuru(千鶴)Part3
KANSAI ENKOU 57 Chie(智恵)Uniform Version, CJ X3yo, virgin
KANSAI ENKOU 58 Chie(智恵)Underware Vertion, CJ X3yo
KANSAI ENKOU 59 Momoka(桃香)Part3
KANSAI ENKOU 60 Satoko(サトコ)In Tokyo 18yo
KANSAI ENKOU 61 Tomoyo(智世)In Kyoto X6yo
KANSAI ENKOU 62 Tomoyo(智世)Part2 Side job uniform version
KANSAI ENKOU 63 Yumi(有美)In Kanto Area, College Student
KANSAI ENKOU 64 Nozomi(希美)In Kobe, JK X7yo
KANSAI ENKOU 65 Nozomi(希美)In Kobe Part2Ⅱ, JK X7yo
KANSAI ENKOU 66 Mina(美菜)In Chugoku Area, JK 18yo
KANSAI ENKOU 67 Mari(真理)JK X6yo, Sex Addicted
KANSAI ENKOU 68 Hiromi(比呂美)JK X5yo
KANSAI ENKOU 69 Nao(奈央)JK X6yo, virgin & anal virgin
KANSAI ENKOU 70 Mariko(真理子)JK X7yo
KANSAI ENKOU 71 Hiromi(比呂美)Part2
KANSAI ENKOU 72 Yukari(由香里)JK 18yo
KANSAI ENKOU 74 Aimi(愛美)Part2, CJ 1Xyo, School Swimware
KANSAI ENKOU 75 Mariko(真理子)Part2
KANSAI ENKOU 76 Mariko(真理子)JK X7yo, Anal, Toys
KANSAI ENKOU 77 Aika(あいか)
KANSAI ENKOU 78 Risa(理沙)CJ, X5yo, Uniform Version
KANSAI ENKOU 79 Risa(理沙)CJ, X5yo
KANSAI ENKOU 80 Mariko(真理子)JK X7yo
KANSAI ENKOU 81 Yukie(幸枝)CJ X4yo
KANSAI ENKOU 82 Ayaka(亜弥香)X4yo
KANSAI ENKOU 83 Misa(美沙)X5yo, virgin
KANSAI ENKOU 84 Misa(美沙)X5yo
KANSAI ENKOU 85 Misaki(美咲)CJ X3yo
KANSAI ENKOU 86 Misaki(美咲)Part2
KANSAI ENKOU 87 Ryoko(良子)
KANSAI ENKOU 89 Nao(菜緒)Part2
KANSAI ENKOU 91 Haruna(春奈)CJ 1Xyo
KANSAI ENKOU 93 Yuka(結花)CJ X3yo, Private clothes
KANSAI ENKOU 94 Sayuri(さゆり)CJ X4yo

All of the title are available in Enkou55.com, KANSAI Enkou List. If you can not open this link, your area may be restricted to access for some reasons.
You can download High quality full length version in Sexyrose.tv in Japan though, they also set IP Restriction from abroad. A part of vids we can find in Ademusume(艶娘), which we can enjoy download without any restriction so far, but remember that only a part of the series is available.

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