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KANSAI Vol.45 Banned Chiharu

KANSAI Vol.45 Banned Chiharu
Chiharu is the most famous title in KANSAI Series. Her video is banned most of the file sharing site, and difficult to get original version except Enkou55.com.
Enkou55 (援助交際めちゃはめムービー) | View My Site Review.
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KANSAI Enkou Wiki

Most of the model girls in KANSAI are amateur teens. The earlier series of KANSAI were taken by 3 cameramans who themselves took part in as actors. As same as the other series of Enkou vids, the Kansai series has the most plenty of titles and are well known and famous as the king of the teens uncensored vids. The same directors group produced the other series named "JOUDAMA", splendid, though the series title did not necessarily originated that only cute girls are carefully selected.

KANSAI series had surprisingly more than 100 volumes and got high reputation by tons of manias because of the senario. Featuring an interview to the girl, and doing extreamly Hentai actions.

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