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This blog may contain (or link to) sexually explicit content. If you are not an adult of at least 18 years of age or older or if you object to viewing sexually explicit material, please leave now.
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The major paid sites I really recommend to you are implemented "IP Address Restrictions" from outside of Japan. I suppose you can safely access to the following paid sites which provide vids you really want.
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YourFileHost Had Gone - Information to Get Teen Vids

Most of the visitor to this blog had already found that free file sharing server "YourFileHost" had been banned. It's gone completely so far. I understand it's not a kind of server maintenance or temporarily suspension. I suppose they will never come back to the internet again.

As I introduce to you not only free vids but also Japanese Paid AV sites, I can continue to update this blog. Regarding Japanese AV site I'm really sorry that I should have show you the way to apply the Japanese AV sites, or any other instructions to do with the AV site in Japanese menu, especially the sites not available English menu. I understand there's rooms to improve this blog.
Well I can tell you now, the meaning of the extinction of YourFileHost.

It's gonna be harder for us to get Japanese teens vids from the internet, even from paid sites. Enkou55.com which keeps almost all of the Enkou (援助交際) vids series and amateur teens vids tho, you never know that you might open the different top page from the page accessed from inside Japan. They set IP Access Control on the site. Can you find the same menu in the "HQ Full Length Version" section on right side bar of this blog? Absolutely NO.
When you access from USA, you never find "Enkou (援助交際)" menu like "Kansai", "Fukuoka" and so on.

I have to say that suppose you can not download the Enkou vids from Enkou55.com, it's still worth to joining in because they keep many others teen vids. Nevertheless I recommend you to join the site, you can not actually becuase of the IP Restriction. Do you think I'm joking you? No I'm serious. Okey try to open the "Submit" page now. You'll see the message of IP access control, and realize that you can not even open the "Join" page.

Free YourFileHost had gone, no subscription to Enkou55.com.
How we can get Japanese riskque unsencored teens vids?

What are you gonna do if I know the way to get these kind of risque vids?
If you are interested in my method to get around 300 uncensored teens vids, of course including various series of Enkou (援助交際) vids, please give me a mail. Don't send from your company's email :-). Of course free email address is acceptable and I think that is rather welcome. Create Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and etc and give me a mail with "Teens Vids" subject.

To Timothy

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